ChessKid Goes Global!
FunMasterMike and a puzzle contest winner at the Australian Junior Championships in Gold Coast, Australia.

ChessKid Goes Global!

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Happy weekend, ChessKids around the world! This week we've been traveling nonstop. We may have even met a few of you! 

First stop: Australia! 🐨

Our first stop on our 7-day trip 'round the world was an appearance at the Australia Junior Chess Championships. We did more than just make an appearance, though: our very own FunMasterMike created the first-ever ChessKid (Australia) Puzzle Solving Championships!

How It Worked: 

  • Kids brought in their own devices with the ChessKid app downloaded
  • They signed out of their own account
  • FMM created 52 "dummy" accounts for the players and they all signed in to start at the same rating
  • They had a 10-minute race to see who could get their rating the highest!

The winning score was over 2000!

Next Stop: India (we're back!)

You didn't think we'd forget about ChessKid's India Speed Chess tournament, did you?! We know you've been biting your nails waiting to find out which contestants (and their parents) will get to meet world champ/chess superstar Vishy Anand

Well . . . you'll have to wait, because there's still another round to go. *However,* we have the finalists. Listed below.

See your username? Check your inbox! 
*Note that results are still pending ChessKid's fair play review

Lastly: something universal 🌏

We love chess families, and we thought some appreciation was in order. If you have a new premium account, you are eligible for 40% off of your ChessKid gold account

Who knows? Soon your ChessKid might be playing better than you!