ChessKid Gold Unlocked, National Chess Day Tournament, And More!

ChessKid Gold Unlocked, National Chess Day Tournament, And More!

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Happy National Chess Week, ChessKids! What better way to celebrate than to unlock ChessKid Gold for everyone, compete in ChessKid's first annual National Chess Day tournament, and kick off this school year with ChessKid's 'Hour of Chess Week'?

ChessKid Unlocked!

We want to share the excitement of chess with the world, so we're unlocking ChessKid Gold features for a whole week! 

ChessKid Gold Membership unlocked
Unlimited access for everyone!

In addition to unlocking FREE Gold, we're offering a special discount on one-year ChessKid Gold memberships to Use the promo code UNLOCK2022 to get $10 USD off!

ChessKid National Chess Day Tournament

Want to celebrate National Chess Day with us? Come spend the day playing in our first annual "ChessKid National Chess Day" Tournament on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. UK / 8:00 p.m. CET.

To join, log in to your ChessKid account and make sure you're a part of the ChessKid Official Club. Click on ‘Play vs Kid’ and look for the "ChessKid National Chess Day" tournament on the right side menu. Make sure to click “JOIN.”

Celebrate National Chess Day with ChessKid

Prizes: The top 100 players in this event will receive three months of FREE Gold membership, and the top 10 players will receive a full year of FREE Gold membership! 

Visit this article for more details on how to participate.

Contact for questions and support about this event.

ChessKid 'Hour of Chess Week'

The time has come to enjoy a whole hour dedicated to chess! Whether your school or chess club is meeting virtually or in person, 'Hour of Chess Week' is a fun way to connect and engage students to the benefits of chess

Let ChessKid help grow chess in your area!

Schools and students participating in ChessKid's 'Hour of Chess Week'.
Students participating in ChessKid's annual 'Hour of Chess Week' event at their school.

From October 8-16, 2022, all schools participating will have a chance to win 500 gold memberships ($5,000 USD value) for your entire school AND three more prize packages of 20 gold memberships ($700 USD value)! 

For more detailed information on how to participate and sign up, visit this article.

Contact for questions and support. Be sure to label the subject line: Hour of Chess Week.