ChessKid Stars Winning IM & GM Norms!
Photo Credits: Karl Heck, Tani Adewumi with GM Yudasin Leonid / The Royal Family, Shreyas Royal awarded his GM norm certificate.

ChessKid Stars Winning IM & GM Norms!

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Earlier this month, ChessKid prodigies FM Tani Adewumi and IM Shreyas Royal both earned norms: Tani won his third IM norm, and Shreyas won his first GM norm! A double feat!

At 12 years old, Tani Adewumi climbed his way to securing his third IM norm at the New York GM/IM Fall Invitational, defeating GM Mark Paragua in the last round! Although the young chess master did not attain the International Master title (since FIDE introduced a new rating requirement this year), his achievement is astounding. Congratulations, Tani!

I am happy about my chess games and just keep learning. - Tani Adewumi

Young chess player, FM Tani Adewumi, playing otb chess against GM Yudasin Leonid.
Photo Credit: Karl Heck / Tani with GM Yudasin Leonid

Find a recap of Tani's first and second IM norm wins in this article.

At just 13 years old, Shreyas Royal quickly bagged all three IM norms in consecutive tournaments, earning him the IM title and making him the youngest International Master in the UK. And earlier this week, the young chess master secured his first GM norm at the 25th Open Bavarian Championship! Congratulations, Shreyas!

Could he be England's youngest Grandmaster?

IM Shreyas Royal playing otb, thinking of his next move.
Photo Credit: The Royal Family

Check out Shreyas' "Road to IM" article series to hear about his games and experiences on his journey to achieving the IM title.

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