ChessKid Updates For 2023

ChessKid Updates For 2023

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Happy New Year, ChessKids! We're so grateful to have such an amazing chess family and look forward to another thrilling year filled with chess moments. Here's to making your experience with ChessKid more fun and worthwhile. 

New Features:

  1. Game Review
  2. Classroom Adaptation
  3. Homepage Glow-up

Game Review

Advance your chess skills with ChessKid's 'Game Review' feature!

Game Review is designed to highlight your greatest chess moments and help pinpoint where things may have gone wrong. 

With this feature, you'll receive explanations/insights from FunMasterMike to help you better understand and learn from your mistakes.

You will even see where your opponents made their best and worst moves, too!

There will also be an evaluation bar to help determine which side has the advantage.

Was white winning? Was black? Or was it a fierce, even battle?

In addition, after each game, ChessKid will estimate your game performance rating!

Classroom Adaptation

Teach a classroom of students right inside of ChessKid!

We've built a "Zoom-like" platform inside of ChessKid to give teachers, and chess coaches the ability to instruct real-time video lessons without leaving the site. With this update, you will be able to invite an entire classroom of students to your interactive lesson, teach using ChessKid's tools and analysis board, take questions and even have one student interact with the teaching board as part of the instruction -- all from inside your own ChessKid account!

Homepage Glow-up

To our adult users, we're bringing in a more fresh and modern look to your ChessKid Adult account!

We’ve modified the navigation to free up more screen real estate and make it easier to find your active 'Kids' and their 'Games,' in addition to adding a 'Recent Activity' section, so you'll know who your star learners are.

You can also find tournaments, live streaming shows, and the most recent announcements and video releases from the 'Events list' and expanded 'What's New' section.

We hope these changes will make your ChessKid experience more enjoyable. Leave a comment on what you think of the new updates or other things we can work on. We appreciate our ChessKids' support.