ChessKids Win Big! | ChessKids Vs. Chess Streamers

ChessKids Win Big! | ChessKids Vs. Chess Streamers

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It's Gen Z for the win! -- Four top ChessKids outplayed four strong chess streamers, 20.5-11.5, in the recent "ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers" match on February 12, 2023.

Event Recap

The "ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers" event invited eight titled chess players, including FM Tani Adewumi, FM Brewington Hardaway, FM Ryo Chen, IM Shreyas Royal, WFM Anna Cramling, FM James Canty, IM Jovi Houska, and IM Eric Rosen, to compete in teams and win up to $500 toward a charity of their choice. 

Action Coverage

Team ChessKid Stars hit the ground running and took the lead with 6.5 points to 1.5 points after the first set of matches. Jovi scored the first win for Team Streamers against Brew, with Eric adding half a point from his game against Shreyas. Eric later redeemed himself with a checkmate against Ryo in a 108-move game.

Tani was dominant throughout the match, making the top of the leaderboard with 6.5 points. He only resigned one game against James. In the final game, Anna played her best against Tani but blundered.

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ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers match scorings.
Leaderboard for individual players

Despite the results, both teams won for their respective charities: $500 went toward the Tani Foundation, and $250 went toward Adbap, an organization supporting relief for those impacted by the recent earthquake in Turkey.

Anna Cramling playing against Brewington Hardaway in ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers event.

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Congratulations, ChessKids, and Streamers! Thank you for taking part in this event and helping out the community. We had such a successful turnout, and hope to host and collaborate more fun and entertaining events with other amazing chess players in the near future.