Meet FunMasterMike, Play Against a GM, Compete in Spain!
Photo Credits: FM Mike Klein at FIDE's Grand Swiss, 2016 GM Anna Muzychuk / FM Mike Klein

Meet FunMasterMike, Play Against a GM, Compete in Spain!

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Hey ChessKids! Get ready for more in-person events and chess fun! In this post, we'll cover an exciting meet-and-greet opportunity with FunMasterMike and the ChessKid team, show you how you can help support Ukraine by playing a real-life chess grandmaster, and introduce an exciting new tournament coming up.

Meet-and-Greet: FunMasterMike & ChessKid Team!

FunMasterMike and the ChessKid team are heading to Columbus, Ohio, for the US Chess National Elementary (K-6) Championship! From May 12-15, 2022, ChessKids will have the chance to play against the FunMaster in real life (over the board).

Additionally, all kids playing in the tournament are invited to play in the ChessKid Puzzle Solving Championship on Friday, May 13 at 11am.

chesskids solving chess puzzles in australia
FunMasterMike with ChessKids playing in the ChessKid Puzzle Solving Championship in Australia

For more information on this event, click the image above. 

There will also be a ChessKid booth you can visit between May 13-15 in the bookstore (Delaware A-B-C), where you can meet FunMasterMike and the ChessKid team, and win some fun prizes!

kids playing games at chesskid booth in k-12 nationals event 2021
2021 ChessKid booth at the National K-12 Grade Championship in Orlando, Florida

We can't wait to meet everyone! Please join us if you're in the area; we hope to see you there.

Play Against a Grandmaster in Ukraine Charity Simul

ChessKid is committed to providing continual support for the people of Ukraine. We are proud to partner with GM Anna Muzychuk for a charity simul that you can be a part of too!

The three-time world champion will play up to 15 lucky ChessKids or members all at the same time! FunMasterMike will commentate on this fun and fast-paced event.

We've raised over $6,000 USD in our past fundraising events, but for the first time, you'll be able to play an elite grandmaster! All proceeds will go to the Tvoya Opora Foundation.

Read more on how to secure a spot & register for the event. 

Introducing the Intercontinental ChessKid Candidates 2022!

ChessKid is pleased to announce an intercontinental tournament in which finalists will compete in person in Madrid, Spain. This special event will take place between June 21-23, 2022, during one of the most important chess events of the year: the Candidates. Qualifying ChessKid finalists will get to play on the actual boards that the elite grandmasters do!

For more details and information, click the image above.

There will be three qualifying sections: America, Asia & Oceania, and Europe & Africa qualifiers.

Players who register early (by May 11, 2022) will be able to participate in a special warm-up event on May 14th at 8am PT/5pm CET/9:30pm India Time AND a GM-led Master Class on May 15th 8am PT/5pm CET/9:30pm India Time.

gold The last day to register is May 18th, 2022 at 11:59pm PT/CET/India Time