Summer Puzzle Competition, ChessKid Webinars!

Summer Puzzle Competition, ChessKid Webinars!

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Hey ChessKids! We want to bring in some more awesome fun chess activities for the summer, so in addition to the Summer Clubhouse, we’re holding a puzzle competition! But that’s not all... parents, teachers, coaches, and users can look forward to more ChessKid Webinars because we're bringing them back, baby! Also, get ready for more shows and events coming your way. 

ChessKid's "King of Puzzles" Competition

ChessKid is announcing its 7th Annual "King of Puzzles" Competition in the Summer Clubhouse

What is the Clubhouse? Read this article to find out!

Every ChessKid who solves at least 100 puzzles correctly will be entered into a draw, where one lucky winner will be randomly chosen to play FunMasterMike on our Fast Chess server AND have their game turned into a video with live commentary! Make sure to read the rules carefully beforehand.

tactics The contest will start at midnight (12 a.m. PT) on July 1, 2022, and end on July 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. PT. 

Join the Clubhouse and get to solving! Good luck!

ChessKid Webinars

The ChessKid team recognizes the multitude of questions and concerns parents, teachers, coaches, schools, and users have for us. To efficiently provide real-time feedback and live interaction, ChessKid is bringing back our monthly webinars!

ChessKid webinar with Dakim Vanterpool

Join the upcoming webinar hosted by Dakim Vanterpool (CoachDakim) by RSVPing here and using this Zoom link to attend.

We will get you caught up with all the latest from ChessKid, ensuring that all of our adult users know how the basic and advanced features work and can get any burning questions answered.

Read this article for additional info.

ChessKid European Team Festival: Region 6

We're halfway there... Five rounds in, five more to go before the Grand Final in December!

To recap, the ChessKid European Team Festival consists of tournaments across different regions, featuring a series of matches between ChessKids from different European countries.

Check out this link to watch previous regions' tournament videos.

ChessKid European Team Festival Region 6 Showcard

Join us on,, or to watch ChessKids from Region 6 (Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Spain) battle it out on the board! 

Read this article for the festival's full timetable and pairings.

ChessKid European Team Festival Region 6 Portugal Showcard


ChessKid European Team Festival Region 6 Greece Showcard


ChessKid European Team Festival Region 6 Italy Showcard


ChessKid European Team Festival Region 6 Spain Showcard