Chess Poem

Mar 11, 2015, 1:11 PM |

No fancy introduction here, folks. Let me just pour out my emotions using a couple of rhymes...

My sweet prodigy and genius,

Thank you for helping me escape

From this dark, planet of the ape

And for allowing my scars to scrape

And for letting my soul rise as a scape


Thank you for showing me light at the end of the tunnel

Thank you for making my mind grow, as if a muscle

You made my words free, no traces of a fumble

With tongues I now speak, utterly liberated from struggle

And those who dare trivialize you, my fists will surely pummel

Bind them up, don’t let one scathing word escape their muzzle

Make them fret, and have their hatred toward you go down in a tussle

Let the wisdom you’ve enchanted me with form an infinite bubble

Spread out of the bathwater, and make the hidden, not so subtle

With sharp analytical skills, let’s pull out the unaware with a shovel

My dear, out of life you’ve made a most simplified microcosm of a puzzle

So straightforward a solution, so beautiful and supple

To you, I just want to come closer and enjoy a good snuggle

I love you ever so dearly, my sweet black and white jungle


Chess, you are not merely a game

Beauty on you, I must blame

A two-player battle, with just one aim

To destroy the monarch, with an eternal flame

And nay a noble knight has felt shame

For forking everyone, with drunken maneuvers, one and the same

The enemy’s forces, all thoughts are intending to maim

And the opponent’s space, trying to claim

With checks, the patzer does exclaim

And with blunders, the win is all the same

A world where mere pawns turn royal, so they became

With just a step to the end, their noblesse, they do proclaim

Chess, you are my dame

Someone I feel is the same

Someone I love, as much as my own name