Puzzle(s) 13 - Peter Svidler vs. Micael Adams

Jan 25, 2014, 7:30 AM |

Hi guys, so I'm back with the usual crazy puzzles, with this one being no exception! Now, this puzzle has some sentimental value to me because I actually found the move Peter Svidler missed (of course, I missed all of Peter's other moves!). However, as it turns out, both the move I found and Peter's are leading to equal positions (though, some are more equal than others!)! So, let's take a look at this position, and see if you can find a defense for Black:

Unfortunately, in the game, Black could not find the proper defense to Svidler's flashy, yet questionable, Qxe6 move. Can you see how White quickly punished him?
This wasn't played in the game, but it's quite clear that what Black played in the game is completely hopeless, too.
Now, all of this happened because Black couldn't find the right defense. Qxe6, technically speaking, is an inferior move. So, what is the superior move (Please click on the solution button starting from move 5, as that's when the puzzle actually ends; I want to show a mini-game after move 5 with non-forced lines in the same puzzle and don't know how to end the puzzle and begin the mini-game)?
A great game by Svidler, showing the true beauty and complexity of chess! 
Also, lesson to learn: the computer's evaluation can sometimes be very deceiving!