Puzzle(s) 12 - e6 Sicilian

Jan 1, 2014, 9:56 AM |

(Please read the comments after you are done reading the article!)

OK, so let's have a look at some interesting game segments of a recent game I played. Then I'll introduce the puzzle and we'll see if you can find the best moves!

The game starts out as an e6 Sicilian where Black chose the Nc6 setup. White faltered a bit in the opening and allowed Black to play the d5 break, a key equalizing idea in the Sicilian. 








White is compelled to take the c6 knight and play e5, after which Black plays Nd7 and has an excellent game (here we see a lovely Sicilian center). After f4, Black starts developing with tempo: 








A series of logical moves ensue(you can check them out at the bottom of this post); however, as you all know, the main point of these blog posts is this coming interesting puzzle...

Consider the following position: 








Black should not be too content with his position because he needs to play very accurately now. A "nothing move," which does not address White's threats of Bxd4 and Qxc5, will blow away Black's advantage. Due to considering some illogical moves, I was a bit confused as to how I blew away my advantage when all my previous moves seemed quite logical. However, in such situations, do not panic! Calm down and calculate all variations accurately. Can you see what I had not seen (two winning variations in two puzzles, so try your move out in both puzzles)?





And finally, the game: