11/6 Recap of "Your Games Analyzed" on Chess.com/TV

11/6 Recap of "Your Games Analyzed" on Chess.com/TV

Nov 6, 2012, 2:26 PM |

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An Official Chess.com/TV Group Blog Entry

   Today at 9:30 AM Pacific/12:30 PM Eastern/5:30 PM London time came GM Magesh Panchanathan's "Your Games Analyzed," where, if lucky, you get to have one of your games, either online, OTB, or against a silicon opponent picked apart. Usually, at the beginning of the show, Magesh either asks a chess trivia question or has the members solve a chess puzzle.

   OK. Now that I have the chess puzzle thanks to an e-mail from Magesh, here's the puzzle. The first one to get the move and the result would have a chance to get their game analyzed.

   It's White's move. What would the move be and the result of the game?




   The winner of the chess puzzle was Petrosianic, a very common face around the Chess.com/TV parts and a person I met back in April of 2011 at the Dean Ippolito Simul that I covered along with my girlfriend Donna (RookedonChess). If you want to read the coverage there's a few places you can go: here, here (pt 1), here (pt 2), and  here.   Cool

   OK let's get back on track here. Here's the PGN of the game. Now remember, the game was analyzed by Magesh in the Chessbase 11 program, so unless you download the game, which is already available in the Chess.com/Downloads section under the "MORE" tab up-top. At my highest urging, I recommend any Chessbase family chess program to view the analysis and diagrams in full. Here's the game:

   The game is played in the B32 Sicilian: Lowenthal and Kalashnikov Variations. It was an OTB game.



   So there you have it folks. Have a great night everyone!