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A New Tagline, A New Blog Direction...

A New Tagline, A New Blog Direction...

Sep 30, 2012, 12:01 AM 4

   Yes, it's me again--that one blogger who won't go away 'cause, like a lost puppy dog stranded 2,000 miles from his house, manages to keep finding his way back home. Not only is "Neither Here nor There" a great book by Bill Bryson, it also reflects how many things are going on right now in my life and honestly, chess hasn't been one of them for a while. So, I'm here, but not really here--not until I get more involved in chess again, and even then, my involvement will be less in comparison to what it previously was, simply because I need to keep things balanced in my life.

   My long-standing problems with insomnia have made it impossible to commit to anything specific anymore, so things have to happen when I'm able. What's unfortunate is that I've missed a lot of chess programming I was really looking forward to because the times I finally sleep are usually during broadcasts. What's good is I've developed a lot of interests over these months, which are keeping me pretty stable (some of you are familiar with my unstable history), so I don't want to have one thing (whether it's chess or anything else) run over everything else like an out-of-control steamroller. What is will be and nothing more. Smile But--I will keep my eyes open for chess news and events and will do the occasional Chess.com/TV Group recap or schedule posting, but I won't be making them novel-length anymore.

   So this blog is pretty much a little explanation and not much more. Thanks for humoring me and have a good weekend everyone. Stay well, be happy and enjoy.


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