An update on the Dean Ippolito WR Simul attempt!!

An update on the Dean Ippolito WR Simul attempt!!

Apr 7, 2011, 9:07 AM |
World Record Now Open to ALL Over 1000 USCF
Please Help Us Break This Record!!!!!

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Seems like there are daily changes to this Record attempt, doesn't it?  Well, with the pending changes to the FIDE rules, we are able to open up the attempt to ALL players rated over 1000.  If you are in this catagory, PLEASE help!!!  We are short of our goal and need your help!
Anyone who plays will receive a chess set and commemorative board.  We also have thousands of dollars in prize giveaways and other incentives.  You need not stay for the entire event and you also do not need to be present to win the drawings.
Please register at


Thank you and I hope to see you on Saturday!


Dawn Novi Ippolito

Drawing & Prize List
Open to ALL Players over 1000 who help make history!!!


Do I have to say it again?  ANYONE  rated over 1000 who plays will get a chess set and commemorative board signed by Dean.  In addition, hourly drawings will include:


11am: Green Heavy Duty chess bag ($25)
12pm:Plunder chess set ($35)
1pm:Dean of Chess Academy bag plus books ($75)
2pm: House of Staunton Board ($115)
3pm: Fischer chess set ($800)
4pm: Black chess set sarcophogus ($40)
5pm: DOCA bag + Mastering Chess Openings volumes 1-4 ($130)
6pm: Black Heavy Duty chess bag ($25)
7pm:Chess Set Briefcase ($250)
8pm: Glass Chess Set ($25)
9pm: Einstein Mind Trainer ($35)
10pm:DOCA bag with chess knight lite, bag for pieces, waterbottle, keychain, opening cards ($50)
11pm:Mahoghony chess set sarcophogus ($50)
12am:Breaking Through by Susan Polgar signed! ($40)
1am: Plunder Chess ($35)


Any one who BEATS Dean will get a KING membership ($360 value) to our club and anyone who DRAWS Dean will get a PAWN membership ($120 value).