Bullet Brawls Go Live! Danny's Quest for 2500!!

Bullet Brawls Go Live! Danny's Quest for 2500!!

Jan 14, 2015, 4:08 PM |

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   Today we got a little bit of a treat on Chess.com/TV thanks in part to IM Danny Rensch. Usually, he tapes an episode of Bullet Brawls for YouTube for everyone to watch, but today, it went LIVE!! It was a short show, about 15-20 minutes, and Danny was on a quest to up his bullet rating to 2500. He played members in the Chess.com/TV chat room and it was a total of about 14-16 games.


   I will be using Chessbase 11 to post the games in PGN style straight from Danny's Live Chess game archive.


   He played two series of games, one against an NM and one against a CM, and had two games against a GM. So without further delay, let's get to the games shall we?  Cool

   The first series was against NM vinceyoung15 and they played a 5-game bullet match. Let's go to the board!!!

Game 1: This game started in a D00 opening


Game 2: The game opened up with a B07 Pirc Defence


Game 3: B02 Scandinavian Defence opening used


Game 4: B06 Modern Defence opening used


Game 5 and the final game of the match: A00 Opening


   So Danny wins the series 3.5-1.5 and even closer to 2500 bullet! Onto the next, and longer series against FM Tilicheev Viacheslav, who had a higher bullet rating than Danny beginning this match.

Game 1: E06 Closed Catalan Opening


Game 2: D00 Opening


Game 3: C00 French Opening was used here

Game 4: B06 Modern Defence


Game 5: B76 Sicilian Dragon-Yugoslav Attack Opening was used in this game


Game 6: B67 Sicilian Richter-Rauzer



  And that's this series coming to an end with Danny winning another one 3.5-2.5. It was close but Danny was the victor. Now for the two games against GM GeorgMeier.

Game 1: C10 French with 3. Nc3


Final Game of the Day: A48 Torre London and Colle Systems



  So that's the end of the recap of this week's Bullet Brawl. To watch the show, head over to Chess.com's YouTube Channel to watch the show in its entirety. Have a good day everyone!  Cool