Danny Rensch Grazes Perfection!

Danny Rensch Grazes Perfection!

Feb 6, 2014, 11:24 AM |

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   Hello again everyone and welcome to the recap of Chess.com/TV's The Big Show,which aired yesterday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern. For those of you that don't know about The Big Show, IM Danny Rensch plays a 10-game LIVE Chess simul against players in the chat room. The time controls used for this simul are 15|30 and there has only been a handful of perfect shows where Danny goes 10-0.


   I am going to recap these games briefly, basically just telling you the opening used, the player Danny played against and give you the PGN after using Chessbase 11 to dissect them. So let's begin, starting from the first game that was finished in the simul.


   The first game, from evilpeacenik, began in a C62: Ruy Lopez Steinitz Defence and ended in a victory for Danny. Here's the PGN:


   Next on the list is the game from RobotikEmpire, which started off in a C45: Scotch.



   In the third game comes to us from willysweetkane that took place starting off with a E32: Nimzo-Indian: Classical (4. Qc2): 4... 0-0:


   The next game, from misowalker, kicked things off with a B21: Sicilian 2. f4 and Morra Gambit.

   Halfway through now, we get to a game by CM smarterchess. This game began with a A01: Nimzowitsch-Larsen.



   Danny's sixth game, against champcb, started off with a A43: Schmid-Benoni.



   Next on the docket comes from SANT4JAMZGUITAR, the one player that kept Danny from going 10-0 in one of the longest games of the Simul. This game began with a B51: Sicilian: Moscow Variation (3. Bb5+) without 3...Bd7.



   Game 8, from john 456852, began with a E64: King's Indian Fianchetto: 6...c5 7. d5.


   The ninth game, from Ansaldo_Commish, started off with a A29: English Opening: Four Knights Variation with 4. g3.



   Finally, we get to Yakimych, whose game kicked off with a B41: Sicilian: Kan Variation: 5. c4.


   And that brings us to the end of the recap where Danny scored a 9-0-1 out of 10 and came within a hair of scoring a perfect show, which I believe the last count was at 5.


   Have a good day everyone!  Laughing