Dusting Off the Ol' Chess Blog...Anyone Have Some Polish?
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Dusting Off the Ol' Chess Blog...Anyone Have Some Polish?


  Hello Again Readers!

     It has been a long time, nearly three years now, since I have put a blog post up at Chess.com. In that time frame, many things have happened, and not many of them were good. All of that aside, after a couple of hours of house cleaning today and some furniture moving, I decided to take the time to actually clean my Fischer/Spassky '72 set from House of Staunton that I got several years ago and that led me to watch Bobby Fischer Against the World for the first time in a few years as well.

     Chess and I have had a rocky relationship since about 2015 or so (but maybe longer than that now,) where the urge to study, play, and just enjoy games on here (or through my now ancient Fritz 12.) For a long while I was full-bore sucked in by this game; member of the USCF, member of the Chess Journalists of America, running correspondence Tournaments on here, keeping up with my beloved Chess.com/TV Group which will be celebrating its 9th Anniversary in late 2019. None of those, I am ashamed to say, I have been a good boy in keeping up with. I've missed World Championship matches, Candidates Tournaments, and everything notable in-between. I definitely deserved to be flogged for all of it.

     But that is the good thing about chess. You can pick it up again, sort of like riding a bike (which I never did) or getting back into a book or video game you haven't played but still love. It won't take long to start becoming enthralled with it all over again. Yeah I probably won't be as good now as I was (never was that great) and with my wonky bipolar brain that I have (yes, I am bipolar) I probably could not hold moves and variations for long anyway. 

     I'm not going to promise myself (or anyone else) anything or decide to get involved with the chess world again too much too fast because I've done that in the past and crashed and burned before I knew what happened. Everything takes time.

     Anyway, for the handful that actually read this, thanks for doing so.


   (Super Admin & Co-creator of the Official Chess.com/TV Group