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Lengthy Boris Gelfand Interview Pt. 1

Lengthy Boris Gelfand Interview Pt. 1

Nov 4, 2012, 12:12 PM 5

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   A day or two ago, over at WhyChess.com, a lengthy interview was published with Israeli GM and 2012 World Chess Championship runner-up Boris Gelfand as its subject.

   In the first part of I think will be at least a two or three-part interview, Gelfand answers questions about the World Chess Championship match vs. Vishy Anand earlier in the year, about his chess schooling and different country's chess schools in general, Kasparov's chess books, his personal history with Anand over-the-board, and his choices he made and failed to make at their Championship face-off.

   It's a pretty good sized interview, and you can view it in Russian and English if necessary.

   I just felt like posting this here for those who didn't know it was published or for those Gelfand fans who want to read more about him and what was going through his head when he played Anand.

   Part two will be here and linked to the article when it's published. Have a great night everyone.  Cool


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