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Hey, everyone!

   So, when you look at the schedule on the page, do you find yourself rubbing your eyes? Do you feel like you’re seeing double when you look at Monday’s programming line-up? Well, I have news for you—you’re NOT seeing double! There actually ARE EIGHT shows, back-to-back, all day long!

   ChessTV is mixing it up! Along with adding some NEW and EXCITING shows, the regular installments you’ve come to love that are scattered throughout the week are moving to Mondays. So set up camp and settle in for Massive Monday Marathons Laughing And if you can’t park yourself for the day, the odds are that whenever you can grab some viewing time, there will be some outstanding chess programming to watch Laughing

On the next four Mondays, these are the shows you can expect to see (RED = NEW shows):


The BIG Show (90 min.) — GM Robert Hess will be the new host for this fan favorite!  Hess will play a LIVE SIMUL with 10 chat room members with set time controls of 15|30 - providing fun “edutainment” along the way! 

BOBBING FOR DLUGY (60 min.) — GM Max Dlugy has FUN! Doing whatever he wants! From Danny: He will take on all challengers for 1 hour of ANY time control from 1 0 to 5 2. As many games as he can, while providing fun commentary. 

BULLET BRAWL (60-90 min.)  Host IM Danny Rensch plays bullet chess, both fun and educational. Come challenge Danny in LIVE, to a Bullet game. Members try for a chance to win a 1-month premium membership! 

CHESS BRAHS (60 min.) Hosts GM Robin van Kampen and GM Eric Hansen bring their high-energy streamer channel to ChessTV! 

CHESS CENTER REPLAY (30 min.)  Lead Anchor IM Danny Rensch recaps topical chess news! This show will be a “surprise” for all of us. We’ll see! 

CHESS THERAPY (90 min.)  JD Cannon and friends (typically Brother Josh and Shaun McCoy, along with Titled players) get together in a Book Club like fashion to discuss chess fundamentals. First book "Chess Fundamentals" by Capablanca. Along with the physiology of how to have the right mind set to be a winner. Special Titled hosts will appear, along with members just like you to talk about real life problem in chess! Find out more HERE.

DAILY PUZZLE CHALLENGE (60 min.)—  IM  Danny Rensch will take the #dailypuzzle challenge by solving 30 Daily Puzzles in 30 minutes! You can view video LIVE on or in LIVE chess. 

HACK ATTACK! (90 min.) —  Hosts IM Thomas Rendle and self-styled International Patzer HongKongJohn play chess against members!

MAN vs. MACHINE (60 min.-1st was 4 hours)  "Man vs Machine: GM Martin Petr (FIDE 2520) vs Komodo at Material Odds. Hosts GM Simon Williams, IM Thomas Rendle and John “HongKongJohn” Sargent analyze the games. 

MELIK & ME (60-90 min.) w/GM Melik Khachiyan and a Co-Host will review games submitted by members (prior to show), no blitz chess and 30 minutes minimum per side. 

Go HERE to submit games for MELIK & ME.

            With Brother Josh:

BEGINNER LEVEL games (rating: 600-1400; minimum 30 mins. per side; no blitz) 

With Shaun McCoy:

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL games (rating: 1400-1700; minimum 30 mins. per side; no blitz)

With Gerard LeMarechal: 

ADVANCED LEVEL games (rating: 1700 and up; minimum 30 mins. per side; no blitz) 


MEMBER GAMES ANALYZED (60 min.)  GM Irina Krush analyzes members’ games. Members post their games, in advance and she will pick whatever she finds interesting. Submit games with a brief explanation/analysis of why you think the game is appropriate for professional analysis on the show. 



OLD SCHOOL with UNCLE YERMO (90 min.)  GM Alex Yermolinsky covers a hot chess topic and analyzes top games on this fun and insightful show. Learn from a GM with encyclopedic knowledge of the game and its players, both past and present, much of which is through first hand experience. 

SPICY CHESS (90 min.)  GM Simon Williams plays chess, with attitude, action, insults and Spice! Spicy Chess will vary from show to show, with Simon reviewing games (from top events) or playing members in "Simon Takes On All" kind of format. You'll never know what to expect! 

And, of course, on other days you’ll still find your other favorites like:


Q & A w/COACH HEISMAN (90 min.)  NM Dan Heisman answers all your questions in this "open forum" style show! 

Dan’s protocol; revised info from zealandzen’s blog: members ask specific questions about puzzles, games, positions, and anything else. Members can post questions directly into the ChessTV chat according to these segments: 

1.      Opening Questions & Positions

2.      Positions & Puzzles

3.      Any & All Questions 

TITLED TUESDAY (2-3 hours) On the first Tuesday each month, IM Daniel Rensch hosts this 9-Round, 3|2-Blitz tournament reserved for Titled members. Join the broadcast early and also to follow LIVE, go to: LIVE CHESS under the Tournaments tab > Titled Tuesday.

BLITZ BRAWL (60-90 min.) —  Host IM Greg Shahade plays Blitz chess with members; both fun and educational! 

…and special programming such as the present coverage of the 2015 SINQUEFIELD CUP!


No matter the day or time of year, you’ll always find outstanding broadcasts here on! See you there!

-Mark and Donna


Co-Founders and Managers of the Official Group