"The Knight's Fork Weekly" --- ISSUE 1 --- LIVE Chess Showdown!

"The Knight's Fork Weekly" --- ISSUE 1 --- LIVE Chess Showdown!

Jun 3, 2016, 10:16 PM |

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   What's up everyone on this Saturday night/Sunday morning here on the East Coast of the U.S.?  While most people on this cooler June night are either sleeping or partying, I'm at home, in front of a computer, watching out for interesting games in LIVE Chess to put into a blog entry. Sound appealing? This is the debut issue of "The Knight's Fork Weekly," and from here on out, hopefully these issues will keep getting better and better.  Cool


   Tonight, I'm going to focus on Master games and those players on Chess.com that could be Masters due to their rating. I'm going to get the .PGNs that I like, throw them into Chessbase 11, but *not* analyze them. That's your duty. Maybe at times I will spend the time using Komodo 7 for game analysis, but right now, that would take way too long. So going around LIVE Chess, I first saw this game, between GM likemachine and FM Aguiar94, and this game was the fourth in their match. Take a look at it:

   It was a B48 Sicilian Taimanov opening, time controls at 3|0, and at the end, the GM flagged, making at the match at that time even at 2 points.:


   Next up, United States IM energy1234, in another 3|0 game, goes head-to-head with high ranking beastmode_ako, from the Phillipines. During this game, many draws were offered and declined towards the end, and here you'll see the overall result which began in a B40 Sicilian:


   OK, now for you bullet-heads out there, here's a 1|0 with a name I've become very familiar with during my nights on LIVE Chess FM Aussie_Pinoy, as Black, taking on geographic New Zealand neigbor spasky1014, playing the White pieces. Opening with an A01 Nimzowitsch-Larsen, spasky1014 folded on time at the end and was flagged out.



   Finally, and I think a great way to end this introductory issue, two bullet players, coming into this game with a 2009 rating, in the midst of a decently lengthed match, this game being the 18th game in that match, go at it again in a 1|0 showdown. We have at0S from Austrailia, and archmage1010101, for the U.S. with a B02 Alekhine's Defence: Chase Variation. Like most of the other games here, archmage succumbed to the nasty flag:


   So that about does it for this week's "Knight's Fork Weekly," and remember, as this "newspaper" grows, I'll have better ways of promoting games, or maybe even an article or two about the latest chess news, or perhaps some games and an interview. I'll see how I want to tackle it, but for now, thanks for reading.  Cool


   You never know when one of your games might be in the spotlight here. So keep coming back for more...just in case.  Wink



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