"The Knight's Fork Weekly" Chess "Newspaper" Is Here!!!

"The Knight's Fork Weekly" Chess "Newspaper" Is Here!!!

Jan 15, 2015, 11:45 AM |

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   Hello again everyone and welcome to the launch blog of my new side project, something not affiliated with my Chess.com/TV daily duties as a Super Admin or TV/Chat mod. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new page in my life and not a "quick death" experiment.  Cool



   What I want to do with these blog entries is to feature a player from LIVE Chess, follow them around for a bit and watch their games, which I would later transpose to the blog and give you insight letting you see some of the games they've played. Usually it would be a high ranked non-Master, or perhaps even a master themselves who is playing a match or series against another highly-ranked non-Master or Master. I would then load their games up into Chessbase and go over the openings and points throughout the game. I will even get screengrabs of the boards as the games play out in LIVE Chess, as well as images from Chessbase to put into the blog, making it more to appealing to read.  Smile



   Now first know this: I'm not a highly-trained chess player, not even close to Master status. I'm not going to be picking up every key moment, sacrifice, or tactic used during the game and I'm not the kind of person to give you running commentary on what you can easily use the board controls for and go through the game yourself. I simply do chess journalism here on Chess.com, with a pretty well-read blog, so I'm hoping you'll enjoy this one, too, enough to return to each week. Smile




   Afterwards I might try to ask a few questions to the player, whether still in LIVE or through Chess.com messages about some of the games they played that session. I'll link to the featured player's profile, intoducing them to you as well. I'm mainly going to limit the games I choose to bullet and blitz since it seems the whole world plays that today.



   I'm also going to talk about things that come to Chess.com, like special events, TV appearances, death matches and things like that. There's always something special that's going to happen at Chess.com.



   That is my intention with this blog. Hopefully it will do well and people will want to read what topic I'm focusing on for that week.


   And if anyone has any topic suggestions or ideas for players that I should follow, let me know. And thanks for the participation.  Laughing


   Thanks for reading everyone! Have a good day!  Cool