Recap of today's "Your Games Analyzed" with GM Magesh Panchanathan

Recap of today's "Your Games Analyzed" with GM Magesh Panchanathan

Oct 23, 2012, 2:03 PM |

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   How's it going everyone? Today, at 9:30 AM Pacific/12:30 PM Eastern/5:30 PM London time, GM Magesh Panchanathan hosted another great episode of one of's original shows, "Your Games Analyzed," in which the person who answers a trivia question correctly or successfully answers the chess puzzle gets to have one of their games picked apart by Magesh.

   So which is it today, trivia question or chess puzzle? You will find out right now:


   That wasn't too hard was it? I didn't think so. Cool The lucky (or unlucky) winner was gulyabanci, and the game he sent in was a Thematic game in the Queen's Gambit system, but for those who want specifics, the D30: Queen's Gambit Declined without Nc3. Both players were on an equal playing field rating wise in the 1800s, with gulyabanci at 1821 and his opponent tactix47 at 1880. So let's get to the game:

   Now I will be making this game available through the Downloads library right here at because since this game was analyzed using the Chessbase 11 program, Magesh drew all sorts of diagrams along with his analysis that some, like myself, will find interesting and helpful, so look for that in a few minutes if you happen to have Chessbase, Fritz, Rybka etc. Cool  Here's the current schedule for the rest of the week on

10/24 WED.  U.S. Chess League                             5:30pm PST / 8:30 pm EST (GMT -7)

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10/25 THURS. Pardon Our Blunders                     10am PST / 1pm EST (GMT -7)

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10/26 FRI.  Q & A with Coach Heisman                  2pm PST / 5pm EST (GMT -7)

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   That's all for now everyone! Have a great rest of the day/night.