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The Grand Opening of the Official Chess.com/TV Group!!

The Grand Opening of the Official Chess.com/TV Group!!

Dec 13, 2010, 7:03 AM 0

   Hello again everyone!  I'm sure you must all know by now, with all of the forum activity lately that there is a new Chess.com group opening very soon. This isn't just any regular group, not by any means. It is officially backed up by the Chess.com administration, like Big Boss Erik and IMs Danny Rensch and David Pruess, hosts of the weekly show Pardon our Blunders!! All of the hosts of the shows are involved from Danny and David, down to GM Josh Friedel, Jason Stoneking and FM Elliott Liu.

   This group is the "one stop shopping" place to come for weekly show recaps, topic discussions, host interaction through Suggestion Boxes and Fan Mailbags and maybe even a special appearance by professional chess players like GM Jon Ludvig Hammer and IM Sam Shankland, who are also group members. Cool

   The group has taken over a month to put together and organize by a wonderful group of people. Along with myself, my girlfriend Donna(RookedonChess) and a great friend William_Smitham, Danny and David have helped the group take shape and to get everyone on the same page with what the group should look like and the "feel" of it. The artwork for the logos and theme background alone took a long to develop. Once everyone's opinions were in, Donna finished both logo and theme and that became set in stone, and I think she hit jackpot with them both. Cool

   This has gotten to be so big, that there will be a special broadcast of Pardon our Blunders on Wednesday, December 15th at 1 PM Pacific on Chess.com/TV, open to ALL members of this great site, which is also when this group will go public in a huge public pre-launch party thread, so be on the lookout for that as well.

   It's going to be a awesome celebration and who knows just who will be showing up during the show!! Don't miss out on a great bash!!  Cool


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