Yet Another Blog Post  :D

Yet Another Blog Post :D

Dec 9, 2013, 2:10 PM |

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   Hello again and welcome to yet another blog entry! This time it's centered around my own play against Fritz 12--the only way I really play chess these days. Now I play Fritz in Friend Mode, which basically means it adjusts to your play level, almost dumbing down the game toward the player's skill.


   Until I played these two games, I hadn't touched Fritz 12 for almost a year, and it's been another three months since! I'm also including a game I played in the first Official Group Internal Tournament. All three games are draws and I've analyzed them using Houdini 1.5 x64.


   I know I'm not the best chess player in the world, so I'd appreciate your mercy if you scrutinize in the comments. The game from the tournament was my first foray into the tournament arena; the two games in Friend Mode were played more than a year later, having not played or studied in that time.


   First, here are the Friend Mode Fritz 12 games:


          Game 1:


          Game 2:




   OK, so now that you're done laughing at those two games, here's the one from the tournament a couple of years back:





   Also, I'm playing with the idea of starting a tournament outside the realm of the Group. Once I decide, I'll announce it in a future blog.


   So, there's another little blog installment. It feels good to be back! Have a great night or day depending on where you are in the world. Laughing