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Knowledge from Count Thomas in San Quinten State Prison

Knowledge from Count Thomas in San Quinten State Prison

Oct 5, 2009, 1:35 PM 0

Do you know some of the best chess players in the world, haven't even gotten recognized for their skills... Why? Because they're prisoners... all the pieces was made out of soap. black pieces we dipped in red coolaid. the chess board was regular. The skills of these fellow inmates cause alot of attention on the yard. When O.G Count Thomas and O.G Barry Micheals play, it's real fun to watch, it's not the usual quite chess game you all are familiar with, nope, it's more a loud, talking mess battle from the first to the last move, but it's always out of fun... These two players set there one afternoon on yard time and beat 30 people each within the 2 hours. I sware to you, you only get 2 and a half hours on the yard every tuesday and friday in San Quinten(Westblock, Bayside). They both set side by side at the table, O.G Count beat the first three people within 4-5 moves... it was crazy to hope someone would come and beat them. I've learned alot playing with O.G Count Thomas, that was my bunky back when I got locked up... he say I broke his win streak at 481 he wouldn't say how many losses he have but I know for sure I was the only one to beat him that year, 5 times... truthfully it took me over 50 tries for only 5 wins but I beat him and he didn't let me, I just kept trying new methods until one paid off...

the Real Great Chess players ain't always the ones they say... I'm playing a USA soldier right now in Iraq who had some hell of a openings. Or the doctor dude who plays chess like the best his openings make you think you have the game won then his finisher comes and before you notice it he got you checkmated...

Step yo game up before you think you have what it takes.... lol

you might look at my ratings and think I lost all them games like that and I have the nerves to talk... them ratings don't matter a bit. most of them losses is from out of time wins, but I found a way to prevent that too... So come, try and checkmate me... lol...

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