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My Chess Team (GMB-ChessScience)

My Chess Team (GMB-ChessScience)

Sep 13, 2009, 11:00 PM 0

Hello world, this is your budy ChessMasterShivah...

Every night at 7 p.m, my team (GMB-ChessScience) and I, sign onto our laptops and challenge those arond the world on Chess.com. For six years now we've been playing chess with each other. I,ChessMasterShivah, brought home the 3rd place trophie for the USA this week in South Africa. The 1st place, 20 year old winner, Lupe Fenando from Brazil, South America, later accepted a rematch against me,ChessMasterShivah to take place in Hawaii. With a grand prize of $150,000 and a 14k gold Chess set worth a whopping $5,000. Yep I'm nervous. Each individual in our chess crew once starred in several chess tournaments and championships placing 1st and 2nd againgt eachother and bringing home several trophies. Later to join alliances and forming a chess wrecking crew. Touring the world, joining several chess tournaments, I,ChessMasterShivah and others take time out our busy day and play eachother and others online in a friendly game of chess.

 Chess online kills time lol

Chess in real life make me alot of money.

P.S. I hate out of time loses! but yeah you beat me lol... I was at a Chess Tournament round robin in Palm Springs, California,USA. Tomorrow in Palm Springs, I'll be playing Christina Dior, she's from France, she's pretty good, but she loss against people I beat, so I'm not really worried, it's actually quite cute. She did make it quite far, It's semi-finals, me or her to the finals. It's only one trophie, 1st place $10,000. 2nd place $5000.3rd place $500.4th place get a plane ticket home,and 5th place get a plane ticket home.

just keeping in touch holla back


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