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Beginner to Chess Master #22 - 6th Rank Pawn (Vančura Defense)

Beginner to Chess Master #22 - 6th Rank Pawn (Vančura Defense)

Sep 25, 2016, 9:54 AM 4

This is video #22 from the "Beginner to Chess Master" playlist. The Vančura defense is an important rook and pawn endgame drawing idea that is specific to a rook pawn on the 6th rank. This concept is well beyond the beginner stage, and is likely one you would only find applied efficiently in a game between two skilled endgame players since it requires prerequisite rook and pawn endgame knowledge. However, it has its place in this playlist right now because it ties in very well with what was covered in video #21, namely "7th Rank Pawn". Are you familiar with Josef Vančura's important contribution to this key rook and pawn endgame?


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