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Beginner to Chess Master #4 - Types of Files (Chess Terminology)

Beginner to Chess Master #4 - Types of Files (Chess Terminology)

Mar 19, 2016, 9:08 AM 2

This is video #4 from the "Beginner to Chess Master" playlist. Presented are the definitions of the 3 types of files in chess along with some examples of what that looks likes. Understanding file types will be especially useful for our major pieces and knowing where they function well. Another term, pawn break, is given a definition as well. An incomplete example game, only 14 moves deep, is shared where we can observe the moments at which the file types change, along with what it is that creates this change. Sharing these terms along with their definitions is a start to developing a very important part of a chess player's game, namely his/her "internal dialogue".



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