Chess Kibitzing #59

Here are some chess games being kibitzed.


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    Hey that was fun NMChessNetwork! Much more interesting, as well as competent ;') than our mind's inner-commentary, while observing, ...with the benefit of your thoughts, particularly the high-level games. I think this is an excellent idea. I also find your "voice" notably soothing, as that of a calm instructor, with an excellent blend of expressed humor, at what we're watching, ...the perceived thoughts & crazy/frenetic activity, as it's unfolding. Very nice job and I'm looking forward to more of the same.

    Just an idea,, I'd love to hear you post-game analyse a great TCEC remarkable slug-fest, Homodo 1188 wuppin' the silicon stuffing outta Houdini 4.0, Season 6, Round 5, Time Control 120' + 30" (Result: 1-0), in this current cycle, underway. The crazy, Carlsen-like maneuvering of unbeaten Komodo (and Season 5 winner, as well), prior to just arriving at a now, Rook-free situation (48. Rxd8 Qxd8), with Queen & Bishops-of-opposite colors; ...Komodo then proceeding to four-man-tablebase Houdini 4 to death, all the way (from move 48) to move 152! A few high-level players in the ChatWING (GMs, like Heisman, are sometimes there) all agreed this would have been straight-up "drawn" scores of moves ago, by warm-blooded, carbon-based competitors :)! Crazy game and one of apparent deep significance, as a contribution to "speeding-up where this game is headed", quite long before we "get there" ourselves.

    Wanna play through it:

    Too long? Here's a lovely Benoni: Samisch, (8. Nge2), ECO A65, 54 moves long, also TCEC, Season 6, (Round 12) and Rybka 4.1 (3076) ply-spanked poor Junior 13.3 (2931) convincingly.

    Here's TCECs link to the archived game:

    I think it's an idea for a super-fun video series, where you could shed so much light & wit to the goings-on, I feel escapes most of us at that level (certainly the first game, where two 3100+ engines play for more than one hundred additional moves, with opposite-colored Bishops & Queens, to decisive fruition)! Either way, ...thank you so much for the video. Chess is indeed a spectator sport :) and that was a fun window into your thoughts, as well as chess exhibition! Peace!

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    i love ur videos jerry

  • 3 years ago


    I like this. Will keep an eye out for your next one. Enjoyable:)

  • 3 years ago


    I already watched the viedo and it's only been out 5 minutes!!! Great video! Okay so I lied... I'mma actually watch it now..

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