Game 8 - 2013 World Chess Championship - Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand

This is a game 8 review of the much anticipated 2013 World Chess Championship match between defending champion Viswanathan Anand of India, and the challenger 22-year-old chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen of Norway. Anand has 2.5 points and Carlsen has 4.5 points going into game 8.


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    I am sorry but Bf1 makes no sense. Why is everyone playing this stupid move? It equalizes pretty hard, its the reason the berlin has a reputation for drawishness.

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    No guts, no glory...the rules favor the strategy of don't make a mistake, just like American football.  Every once in a while a new creator comes along and makes the rules obsolete...that's is Magnus now.

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    It is so obvious how easy it would be to just checkmate Magnus in less than 20 moves each game. Duh Anand! If I were playing, this match would be over.

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    Momir Radovic.

    Well, you have lots of points there, interesting. Bronstein may be right

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    "Chess is a competitive game. If you are not going to fight and try to win, why play at all," Nakamura @GMHikaru today

    "The epitome of a boring draw," "a yawning fesatival," all so true -- this match is a total non-event. But make no mistake, it's not the players, it's the System of which they are part that is rotten. "Chess is no more a game," the legendary David Bronstein stated in the 2003 interview, "The Sixteen-square Fraud:"

    Part 1, Chess is no more a game

    Part 2, When chess was more than a game

    Part 3, Soviet Chess school - should we admire or pity it?

    Part 4, Modern chess - just another big scam?

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    If this match is turning into a yawning festival, that's Vishy's fault.  Why would a man facing a 2-0 deficit play the Berlin as Black?  If he wants to just give the title to Carlsen, why doesn't he go to the tournament director and just announce his resignation from the match.  Games 7 and 8 were a disgrace in terms of fighting chess but the onus to fight is on the man who is well behind.  Carlsen's strategy, on the other hand,  SHOULD be to bore us to death at this point.  Magnus is wise beyond his years.

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    thank you very much Jerry i have really enjoyed your videos even if i don't want to get up Really early to follow the live games. much more interesting than a computer line. thanks a lot


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    "That was the epitome of a boring draw." Indeed, Lawdoginator. It seems to me that Anand has just given up.

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    That was the epitome of a boring draw. 

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    Very nice too follow your analysis Jerry ! Smile

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