Karpov vs Kasparov - 1984 World Chess Championship Match - Game 27

The 1984/1985 World Chess Championship match between Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov lasted from September 10, 1984 to February 8, 1985. Prior to game 27, there were 17 consecutive draws, and Karpov was leading the match with 4 wins to Kasparov's 0. After 13 moves an endgame arose where the biggest factor, when considering material, space, time, pawn structure and king safety, turned out to be 'time'. Could the master of strategy, Anatoly Karpov, convert his time edge into something tangible, or would the dynamic and aggressive Kasparov be able to battle back by injecting some dynamics into the position? The 1984 World Chess Championship Match was ultimately aborted after 48 games, making Karpov the de facto winner. At the time of the match being aborted, Karpov was leading 5 wins to 3 wins. A new match was scheduled to take place later in 1985. 



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    Very clear, no borloloy, have focus on the issues, articulate and precise presentation.  Fine to follow just like matojelic. Thanks for sharing.

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    thank you great chess - simple and on the point as awlays!

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    Great video, great explanation.. Great players!

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    I appreciate this video... It helps me figure out how to analyze tactically quiet games.  I have a major weakness with such positions.  Thank you.

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    So instructive as always, thank you Jerry!!

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    The winner of the match would be the first to claim 6 victories. It started on September 1984 and was cancelled on February 1985. Kasparov won the 32nd, 47th and 48th games.

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