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Learning chess with Hutch

Learning chess with Hutch

May 20, 2016, 6:30 PM 4

It's been awhile, over 2 years now, that I played a game of chess against Hutch. This is the first time I recorded while we played 1 game. Hutch has been "creating videos and putting them on the internet" (his tagline) for nearly 10 years now, and has certainly played a big part in the promotion of chess in recent years, and has always been friendly towards me. That said, when Hutch isn't playing chess, he can often be found killing people via Call of Duty, or Black Ops so don't get on his bad side :D. After the game, I offer some chess tips about how we could have both improved as I usually do after a game, however this time without the assistance of a chess engine.


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