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Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin - 2016 Bilbao Masters Final

Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin - 2016 Bilbao Masters Final

Jul 15, 2016, 10:22 PM 3

This is a Round 3 game between World Chess Champion and World #1 Magnus Carlsen, and the upcoming challenger for the 2016 World Chess Championship Match, Sergey Karjakin. This 1st of 2 games between Carlsen and Karjakin from the 2016 Bilbao Masters Final will certainly be reviewed with a fine-toothed comb when both both team Carlsen and team Karjakin make preparations for battle later this year in November. A Sicilian is on board in this encounter, with Carlsen opting to build an ideal pawn center with 3.c3. Karjakin anticipates this buildup and puts immediate pressure on it in an attempted to make it budge. It's Carlsen with the two bishops and some black kingside weaknesses to work with, whereas Karjakin has both queenside pressure and a firm hold of the only completely opened file. Would it be Carlsen or Karjakin who takes the full point, if any, into the November battle with some psychological advantage?


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