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Wei Yi vs Magnus Carlsen - 2016 Bilbao Masters Final

Wei Yi vs Magnus Carlsen - 2016 Bilbao Masters Final

Jul 15, 2016, 1:48 AM 4

This is a Round 2 game between 17-year old phenom Wei Yi of China, and the current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway from the 2016 Bilbao Masters Final. This is their 2nd classical encounter where Wei Yi once again has the white pieces. Instead of a Ruy Lopez this time around, the game enters d4 territory with Carlsen opting for the flexible Modern Defense. A direct line kicks off by move 11 and runs several moves deep to arrive at a queenless endgame where Wei Yi already acquires a passed pawn a single square away from promotion. A pawn one step away will certainly require one's attention and be a number one priority to track down as otherwise restricted pieces would persist. How could Carlsen, if at all, manage to track down that passed pawn? Might Wei Yi stir up some trouble elsewhere while Carlsen is busy hunting a pawn?


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