Climbing the chess wall!

Jun 9, 2012, 6:35 AM |

You get the greatest feeling when you know you’ve started to improve you chess skills. You start seeing these combinations or hidden moves that would normally be oblivious to you. You become shocked by the moves your making! You feel that your chess ability won’t stop improving! Until you hit the chess wall!!

The chess wall is the feeling you get when you find yourself not improving anymore. The level of chess you play remains constant. It feels like you can’t get any better! but you also aren’t getting worse.

I experienced this feeling for months on end. I played hundreds of games with my rating staying round about the same. I started to get so frustrated with the game. I was question myself as to why I’m not improving.

I started to do research on this situation and found myself not alone in this predicament. Thousands of people asking the same questions I was. I became dedicated to fixing this problem. I tried everything to fix. It seemed that nothing would work until I tried one last technique. This simple but very effective technique pulled me out of my grove. It got me climbing the ranks again. The simple idea was this.

Before ever move I made, I scanned my pieces and decided which one was the least developed. I made a plan to develop it. After that I scanned my opponents piece and looked for the weakest piece he/she had. I then formulated a plan to exploit that piece.

Using this simple technique I managed to improve my game hugely! Try my simple idea out for yourself and let me know how it works for you.