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How to Improve your Chess

Jun 10, 2012, 11:23 AM 0

From http://www.chesspeeps.wordpress.com

I will be giving you all a small simple chess technique that you can plugin into your chess game play every week. This week I have a special chess skill to teach you. It’s the power of the chess pawn!

have you ever played a game of chess where your opponent seems to be placing all his/her pawns in the best places. You can’t attack them because their pawns structure is so well developed.

Have you actually realised how powerful a good pawn structure can be. It can lock your opponent inside their base. You can defend a full on attack with just one pawn move. Yes! the pawn can be a very powerful tool in the right hands.

This post will be continued at From http://www.chesspeeps.wordpress.com So if you want to find out the secrets of the pawn then please follow the link.

Kevin Owen - From http://www.chesspeeps.wordpress.com

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