It takes only 5mins to become a Grand Master


We all wanted to become a Grand Master at some stage in our chess life’s but we all know that its highly unlikely for it to just happen overnight. Well this I found out to be untrue.
I started playing some online chess and discovered this new thing called blitz chess! I had no idea there was such a thing. So i started to play really short games and I mean like 10second games. After about an hour of playing I realised that my rating had jumped from 1500-1800. I was shocked. Normal it would take ages for such a big rating increase. I continued to play and it kept climbing.

After awhile I decided to test my rating. I was sitting at about 1950 and decided to play an 1 hour game against the same rated player. Needless to say we didn’t end up playing the full hour and my rating dropped :)

I realised that all these people are playing these blitz games and jumping the ranks but there chess level is not actually improving. The people online today will call themselves master but actually they are about 500 rated points below where they currently stand

Thanks For reading and your input is always loved!