The Bad Chess Geration

Jun 8, 2012, 2:28 AM |

Ok so we all have to admit at some point, we all were bad at chess at one point. Yes yes its hard to say it but we all were bad at chess. When you start playing chess and get exposed to online chess you start to realise how bad you actually. Of course you get better on the way but are you improving in the right way??

What do I mean “the right way” well you see, when you start playing chess you dont have the correct way of thinking. You dont open your game correctly, you dont end correctly and actually you dont play correctly but why is this. When you start playing against the lower rating players you will find that the queen is a huge impact player in the start of the game. Now if you asked a GM about using the queen in the start of a game he would slap you right where you stand. Its not a good idea to use your queen in the start. But the thing is when you are a low ranking and pleople use there queens you arent able to defend yourself. You start to lose games fast becuase the quick checkmates involing the queen start to appear in your games.

You start to adapt the sort of gameplay into your own game. You start doing the same thing everyone else is doing. This is why this generation of chess is getting worse and worse because these sorts of things are happening.

I would love your comments on this topic

Regards the ChessPeeps