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The Secret of the Bishop

Jun 11, 2012, 2:41 AM 0

From Kevin Owen - http://www.chesspeeps.wordpress.com

For me the bishop is the best chess piece below the queen. It has huge potential to do catastrophic things to your opponents. The only problem is! The bishop has become an untapped potential chess piece.

Think back a little. Have you ever played an opponent where their bishops seemed to be sitting in the worst places for you. They might have crippled your attacking movement. They might have defended whole sections with just one move. I know this has happened to you before and I would like to teach you the secret of the bishop.

The bishop must be seen as a patient, silent but deadly killer. It waits for the best moment to strike. It can sit a whole game in just one square doing the most work out of all your pieces. As a player I have adapted my game around finding the best position for my bishop. I make an diagonal opening where my bishop can scope through.

The bishop can pin pieces down for huge lengths of time. I recently played a chess game where I paralyzed my opponents queen and knight with just my bishop. They could move either of their two pieces so I was able to move my pieces around their queen without a threat.

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From Kevin Owen - http://www.chesspeeps.wordpress.com

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