A. Morozevich great games, Part 1

Jan 2, 2014, 8:59 AM |

"Morozevich is a bright player; I like how he plays. This is active chess: only forword. Sometimes luck is on his side, sometimes it is not. It is not boring to watch his games." V. Kramnik

A. Morozevich was born on July 18, 1977 in Moskow and he is renowned and admired for his unorthodox openings and aggressiv play.

In the following articles I want to look at some of his intersting games (this doesn´t mean that I only take games he won!).

First I chose a game of him from the Corus Tournament 2005 (which was won by P. Leko with 8,5/13) that he finished with 4,5/13 at the 13th place.

I. Sokolov - A. Morozevich, Corus Tournament 2005

1. d4 d5  2. c4 e5!?

The Albins Counter Gambit which is often used as a blitz weapon but Moro palys it in long timecontrolls, too. Another Moro-move in this position is 2... Nc6!? (Tschigorin).

3. dxe5 d4  4. Nf3

The most popular one. A famous trap here is:

4... Nc6  5. Nbd2

5. a3! (prevents ...Bf8-b4) seems to give a larger advantage, for example:

The Moro-game went: 5... Nge7  6. Nb3 Nf5 [6... Ng6 was an option]  7. a3?!

That doesn´t really match with White´s setup (b-pawn is blocked). The computers like 7. e4!! here but I won´t give any computervariationin my blog posts, because if you want some, you can switch on your computer and it will tell you why that´s strong.

7... Be7 

Black´s ready to castle.

8. g3 a5  9. Qd3 a4

This move doesn´t only drive White´s knight away, it also freezes the White´s queens wing (b2-b4 isn´t possible without drawbacks now - Black takes en passant then...)

10. Nd2 h5!? [10... Ra5 was an creativ option]  11. Bh3 g6  12. Ne4 h4?!  [12... Nh4!? is a strange but quite strong move here] 

 The game went: 13. Bf4 [13. g4! likes the computer, but humans didn´t like to close the bishops diagonal] 13... hxg3  14. hxg3 Ng7 

A fianchetto knight!

15. Bg2? [15. Nf6+! was good for white here]  15... Rxh1+  16. Bxh1 Bf5!
A nasty pin.
17. Nfg5 Na5
Where is this knight going? Slowly but sure Moro get advantage now...
18. Qf3 Ne6  19. Nh7 Bxe4  20. Qxe4 c6!
Clears the way for the queen.

21. e3 Nb3

Ever saw an outposted knight like this??

22. Rd1 Qa5+ 23. Ke2  [23. Kf1 Nd2+ game over]  23... Nec5

All pieces work together!!

24. Qg2

A fianchetto queen!!

24... Qa6  25. Kf1 [he couldn´t defend c4 pawn...]  25... Qxc4+  26. Kg1 Qc2  27. Qf3 d3  28. Bg5

Of course there are more than one way to Rome now, but can you find what Morozevich found?

Feel free to comment if sth isn´t clea, wrong, you don´t like the board´s coulor or whatever... (but you can also comment if you liked it, of course ;-)) 

Part 2 in progress...

Thanks for reading!