A. Morozevich great games, Part 2

Jan 6, 2014, 8:29 AM |

 Kamalakanta commented to Part 1: "What a game! I am only imagine how Sokolov was feeling..." (Thanks, good comment!)

So maybe you can keep that in mind if I show you other great games of Morozevich.

The game I want to show you today is a quite famous one, but it can´t miss when I talk about A. Morozevich´s greatest games. (At least the end must be in every tacticbook)

A. Morozevich - V. Bologan, Russian Team Chess Championship 2004

1. e4 c6

Caro-Kann - A draw today? No. Moro plays White...

2. d4 d5  3. f3!?

An interesting alternative to 3. Nc3, 3. e5 and 3. exd5. The textmove is quite rar in top-level-play and  you can also surprise your opponent with it in club-level-play.








3... e6  4. Nc3 Bb4  5. Bf4 Ne7  6. Qd3 b6  7. Nge2 Ba6  8. Qe3 0-0  9. 0-0-0 c5  10. a3 Bxc3  11. Qxc3 Bxe2  12. Bxe2 c4

Bologan haven´t chosen a ambitous setup. The plans are clear now: Both sides are attacking the enemies king, but White must be better here with the bishoppair advantage.








13. h4 b5  14. Qe1 Nbc6  15. h5 Qd7  16. g4 f6  17. Bf1

The bishop was like a pawn on e2, so it is going to h3, because here it covers a few important squares.








17... Rad8  18. Bh3 dxe4  19. fxe4 Nxd4  20. g5 f5  21. Kb1 Qc6  22. h6 fxe4  23. Qc3 e3

Morozevich got a winning position now. Finish it!

Thanks for reading!
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