Chess University Affiliate Program

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Now that Chess University is seeing tremendous growth and has finalized its vision for 2019, it's time to launch our Affiliate Program.

Most quality academies gain momentum due to word-of-mouth recommendations from their initial base of students. Chess University is no exception. Chess University members and students like yourself can help us get more students which in turn helps us further improve our tech, programs, etc. It benefits all of us.

Here are the Affiliate Program details:
1) Starting in November 2018, Chess University members can earn commission on sales they drive on our new site Affiliates receive their own unique course links which they can distribute via print, social media, texting, or email. The unique links can then track referrals automatically.
2) The commission rate is 25% and applicable on all video and live courses. Only the game analysis subscription service is exempt from this program.
3) Affiliates must be adults and approved by CU staff in order to join the program.
4) Affiliates may ask to receive their commission as a payment or simply convert it into in-store credit at CU.
5) Individuals and organizations including chess clubs may become affiliates.

Additional Affiliate Perks

1) Affiliates can request Special Prizes to giveaway. For example, if you run a chess tournament and want to give out a few free courses as prizes instead of giving out books or trophies, we can provide such prizes to you for free.
2) Affiliates can partner up with Chess University to organize Custom Lessons and Programs. If you want custom programs for your community, company, whatever it may be, we can potentially make it happen. The affiliate could take charge and formulate a group of interested students and keep 25% of the generated sales while Chess University would teach for 75%. This has to be worked out on a case by cases basis so if you want custom chess instruction for your company/organization/club or just know a lot of chess players you could bring to Chess University, let's talk about it!

If you want to become an Affiliate, let me know via email at to get started. If you wish to further discuss custom programs as outlined above, email me with your phone number and we can talk.

The golden era of Chess University is about to begin! :-)


Chess University

Chess University is the world's #1 online chess academy. The academy offers live online seminars, courses, camps, and comprehensive training programs.

Chess University has been pioneering online chess education since inception and taught tens of thousands of students over the past several years. Our flagship offering, the Prodigy Program, helped break a record for the youngest master in American history.

Chess University has featured former world champions such as GM Anatoly Karpov and GM Viswanathan Anand as guest instructors in the Prodigy Program.

Our primary instructors include #1-selling coach Kairav Joshi, FM Dalton Perrine, and FM Arne Jochens. IM Kostya Kavutskiy and GM Alex Yermolinsky have made notable contributions to the academy and taught over the years.

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