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Chess for Non-Players

Chess for Non-Players

Aug 9, 2016, 3:54 PM 1

Chess is a game that many often overlook or consider to be a “nerdy” game; I too, used to overlook it. That was until roughly a year ago, I was introduced to chess in a new light. I then realized that it was an extremely complex game that took many players years to master. Dedicated players, such as my chess teacher, sometimes spend eight or more hours a day practicing tactics, openings, and playing games. Additionally, chess tournaments, which are large gatherings of chess players who come to play rated games against other players, can last for days, which each game sometimes lasting from twenty-five minutes to 90+ minutes.  Although chess may not be the most popular game in the United States (that goes to Monopoly), but in almost every other country in the world chess is almost always, if not always, the most popular game around. I think that many people in the U.S. should rethink chess and maybe even try it themselves; they might find that it’s a bit more challenging than Monopoly.


Jaques Forrmann

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