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Chess-The game which I love the most!

Feb 7, 2016, 2:13 AM 3

There are 2 things why I love chess.It's a thinking game and a game where we can use logic in our daily lives.There are even Mathematical principles in chess.Most of my friends say that they don't like chess.But they don't know the secrecy of the game.Even when I was small,I joined in chess in an age of 7.But I used to cry because I always used to loose in every game.After  4years,my sibling started going to chess for thinking in Maths because he was poor in mathematics.Then suddenly,from no where,no one,I got interest and I learned the movings of the pieces.Then I got interest in chess.Though I was poor in Mathematics,I was completely concentrating on chess.Then I improved even in Mathematics!

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