Group : Live Chess Tournaments Update 2#

Nov 20, 2015, 10:18 AM |

This group is organising live chess tournaments with time control 45|45. If you want to join the group click the link here. :

Please invite also your friends . We want many players to join our group .

The purpose of this group is to make players play with slower time controls so they have time to think . We have currently 20 members and our next target is 50 members . The group has many types of tournaments . The first type is the " qualifier " . Every member has to do this 3 round tournament in order to unlock more tournaments .

The second type is One-year Championship .This event takes place one time at a year . For the first year it will be open to every player . For example if 20 players players join this event the maximum number of players per division is 10 . The 2 first players go to the higher division and the 2 last players fall to the previous 1 .1 month each player plays 2 games with 1 oponnent . One with white and one with black .


Next Update : Group : Live Chess Tournaments Update 3#

As soon as : 50 members are in the group

Next type of tournament : Live Chess Tournaments Championship . 10 Candidates .The winner of the Candidates plays with the previous Champion .