Caro-Kann to the rescue!
The Caro-Kann is a brilliant move, as pointed out by the engine.

Caro-Kann to the rescue!


So earlier when I was struggling to break the 2600 barrier in blitz (as I didn't have much self confidence at the time), I suddenly found myself in a situation where I needed only a couple more points to break the barrier and playing a guy who was high enough for me to earn my remaining 7 points. I had only picked up the Caro-Kann one month's prior to this random game so I just thought "screw it! Why not? Let's go for it!" I did not know much theory about the position and played what seemed most natural to me. Later I found out the critical lines in the variation and noticed how Black could've played more accurately to gain an initiative or even the upper hand. Here is the game, which is lightly annotated by me.

Hope you enjoyed this short blog! Next time I will post something more instructive about the Caro-Kann and talk about actual theory. This blog is merely for a bit of entertainment and light reading, so don't take it too seriously!

Thanks for reading!