Chess in Black and White Restart!

Chess in Black and White Restart!

Nov 10, 2015, 10:40 AM |

As I restart my blog there is a lot of interesting news. To start for those who are not aware I am now located in Baton Rouge, Lousiana instead of PA. While the chess community is much smaller than in Pittsburgh the players are active and chess in the area is growing. This is expecially true at the scholastic level. Several of us helped run a scholastic unrated tournament a few weeks ago that had well over 100 students K-12 participate. 

As for my own chess it has also been quite active over the board. While my rating has only gone from 1800-1846 in the past few month I fully expect it to continue the steady increase of the past few years. With 2 chess clubs, 2 rated games, and a study partener, each week is filled with chess knowledge. Since moving down here I have played in 6 events, am currently in 2 weekly events, and am playing in the USCF class championship expert section this coming weekend. And to top it all off I have started a chess book written for patzers, from a fellow patzer. A lot of what I am doing is usually done by titled players, but sometimes their commentary is over my head so I wanted to do something similar at a bit of a lower level for the rest of us. 

Now what does all this mean for Chess in Black and White? It means that content will be coming out on a regular basis. Currently the plan is the following for each week, starting 11/16:

Sunday: blog - a review of the past week, a look to the coming week, and a few interesting games I played in the past week

Monday: Video with commentary of me playing 1/1  and 2/1 with my super slow mouse speed posted to youtube!

Tuesday: blog - Annotated over the board games I have played recently

Wednesday: Video with commentary of me playing 3/0 and 5/0 posted to you tube

Thursday: For throwback thursday, as the hip people say, I will be annotating some of my other the board games from years ago and giving a little update on how those opponents are doing now in the chess world.

Friday: Post to youtube my review of submitted games; details to follow next week

Other: I will also be creating easy 15 min video lessons and posting those periodically

Do not worry if you did not take notes, I will be including reminders and links in future posts. In the meantime here is your reward for reading this far; 3 interesting games from the past week....   

Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Thank you for reading! - Michael Porcelli