Chapter 4 of Hilarious Chess Games

Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 PM |

I have an e-book right now. It is not yet printed, but it is totally TYPED OUT...

Hilarious Chess Games! 

It is divided into 50 chapters, each including annotated wars between the Bright and Dark Castle, using the pieces and poison obtained from blood mixed with liquid mercury. Dark Castle's poison is arsenic mixed with fumes of chlorine. However, Bright Castle's uses arsenic mixed with CFC aerosols (chlorofluorocarbons) and more chlorine.

Chapter 2 is found in Chess321Chess's forum, something like why you should not play the sicilian. Chapter 3 is found in the group People of Chess and Chapter 1 is burned down. I wrote it by hand but accidentally threw it into a fire. Just kidding, I lost it.

Bright Castle can still be killed by Dark Poison.

The white pieces are related to each other in a way:

The white queen and king are born from Krypton. They see a seer who foresees a terrible disaster on Krypton caused by the birth of the future queen and king. They are only 9 years old.

The boy builds a palace and castle made of golden. The girl makes improvemernt. As the sister was done picking out everything, on the other side of Krypton came a terrible disaster, just like the seer said. 

The queen married her brother, the king and produced 6 children. Two rooks and 4 pawns came.

Suddenly, a package came. Inside were the remaining 4 foot-soldiers.

The queen opened the box and the footsoldiers came out. Before then the rooks produced a number of children, two for each. One was a bishop and the other was a knight. The rooks married their pawn that was shielding them and blocking them. 

This is chapter 4!