Death Match

Jun 15, 2012, 2:03 PM |

This is a short blog talking about the death match.

Death matches on are matches usually between two titled players. With 3 hours of raging speed, lightning bolts and blitz weapons, these two players attack in three different time controls: 1|1, 1 minute with a 1 second increment, 3|1, 3 minutes with a 1 sec increment, and 5|1, 5 min with a 1 sec increment.

In this death match, GM Gawain Jones faces off against GM, a former IM until he earned his GM norms, Robert Hess who faced off against GM Sam Shankland and lost.

To qualify for a death match you must have played at least a hundred blitz/bullet games starting from a specific date. The criteria will be extremely narrowed down here. The highest rated in blitz and bullet in that criteria will play and FACE OFF.

Master Death-Match!