Countdown to a Win

Feb 11, 2012, 9:16 PM |

One day, I played a game, trying to improve my chess with helpless limps. I won this one with a surprising discovered mate. Without a doubt, I was pretty much winning. My dad played the same exact OTB game with the same moves.

To answer the question "How to beat a higher rated player with surprising moves?

So, here it goes!

Chessking47 (982) vs. niren123abc (1046) 10|0

I think he simply lost by overconfidence.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6

In my comments of this move, I do not prefer the dreaded Ruy Lopez, because the Anti-Marshall is much more timely in my opinion. The reason why I thought so much on this move was because I did still prefer the Ruy Lopez.

3. Bc4 d6

I finally decided to take the Ruy Lopez off my mind which was the obvious (almost pinning) budding response. My comments on d6 is not the exact best, but still very defensive.

4. 0-0 Nf6 5. Nc3 Be7

I decide to castle to protect my king. He develops, I defend. 5. d3 was not appealing to me at that time, because I chose to develop quickly. Be7 seems kind of passive.

6. Re1 Bg4

I bring my rook to bear on the files. Much simpler was to sacrifice a pawn to create a passer and an open file. He chooses to pin my knight, which is a highly potential threat to my queen, therefore zeroing the mobility of my knight.

7. Ne2 0-0

I broke the pin, then the mobility rises of the knight. But notice! 7... Nxe4? is tempting. I try to toss my pieces towards the kingside, simultaneously attacking and defending.

8. d3 Bxf3

I finally noticed Nxe4 but he decides to rip open my king.

9. gxf3 Nd4

I play the obvious move and he generates a new piece of play in the center.

10. Nxd4 exd4

He unexpectedly helped me open the e-file which was bringing up a sound.

11. f4 h6

Now, f4 opens up the king in case of an escape route. Also, bringing up an escape route actually lets your pieces come to the kingside, speeding up the checkmate. 11... h6? doesn't generate any part of play.

12. Kf1 Qd7

I let my pieces yield to the kingside and accelerate the win.

13. Ke2 Qg4+

Playing against a Qg4 check is never hard. There used to be so many ways to win in Qg4. However, I speed up the attack because the pieces are going to be aimed at the queen. That was my plan, yet I do sometimes forget my plan.

14. Kd2 Qxf4+

He thinks he can win, but a queen alone usually can't do the work by herself!

15. Ke2 Qxh2

He's eating some material, but my pieces do the work to mate. 

16. Rh1 Qf4

Diverting the queen away from his control.

17. Bxf4 Ng4 

 Yet a waste of time.

18. Qg1 Nf6

Beginning the true revelation of my strategy.

19. Rf1 g5

Quiet moves build up on the lungs of the king, therefore killing him one by one.

20. Rxh6 Nd7

He can't handle it; any other move leads to disaster. 

21. Bxg5 Rfe8

Play this on a board, and before you look, mate in 1...

22. Bxe7#

That's why I put my king up there!