Death Match Info

Jun 22, 2012, 9:48 PM |
0's 7th Death Match will be coming up on July 29th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time! Even though it is on July 29th, it's not to early to put your hats on and spin through a whirlwind of knowing about death matches and a short info guide for each of the players!

Two international grandmasters, or GMs (sometimes called IGM) will face off in this outstanding tornado of blitz and bullet!

One is Ray Robson, and he sits in the Top 20 Juniors. Some information about him:

Ray Robson was born in 1994. He is the 12th ranked top junior in the whole world according to the FIDE. He sits with a rather high rating of 2614, and three places lower than the raging female, Hou Yifan who sits in 9th place with a rating of 2623.

Wesley So sits as the 4th ranked junior, 5 places higher than Hou Yifan and 3 places lower than leading junior Caruana, Fabiano. Magnus Carlsen recently slipped out and Caruana came up. He was born in 1993, and his rating is 2653.

In the world, the two grandmasters sit right outside of the top 100. 

Ray Robson is the 196th of all players and the 184th of active players. You see, 12 people out of the higher 195 are inactive.

Wesley So is the 108th of all players and the 104th of active players. That means 8 players are inactive out of the 88 people, and 4 people are higher rated and inactive. But he is #1 in his country, the Philippines. 

Master Death-Match!